Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Original Slayer is Dead, We Must Choose a New Vanquisher of Evil

Ok, so the way I understand it we had Gameguard when the game first went into beta (which is used in the Korean and Chinese version with relatively decent success), but due to some complications with the program the players freaked out and requested its removal from the release.  About the same time we seemed to have incredible problems with spam, botting, hacking, and general annoyance from RMT and overall cheaters.  Does anyone yet see the correlation between the two?  Personally I am at the point where I just hope that their current fixes, like banning newb chat (that is right you ARE second class citizens ;p) and preventing general participation in chat channels until level 10, are nothing more than temporary fixes as they work to make Gameguard compatible with the current US/EU client. 

Until then bots (or as I call them "the living dead") run wild as they mindlessly search for their latest victim to clobber to death with their poleaxes (I'm looking at you Gladiatior named "jkfshjsdj"), and feast on their sanity.  Their hunger knows no bounds, and they will even attack an opponent already locked in mortal combat, as they hunger for more blood to spill and brains to feast on.  The Gameguard slayer has died and now our lands are besieged at all times by the mindlessly automated corspes of those we used to call friends.

I will not stand for it, and I will answer the call if the GM's will do nothing to stop.  I will do my best to slay all the disgusting reanimated walkers I can, armed only with my double-barrel botgun (or as normal people call it /AutoReportHunting), I will fire round after round into all the damned souls I see until they are no longer plaguing my hunting spots with their lack of courtesy and tenacity fueled by mindless lust for shineys.  But wait...they only give me nine bullets a day .....NINE BULLETS A DAY! What could I possibly do with NINE BULLETS?  Every time I fire another round into their lifeless husks as they mutter their name to me in a language totally devoid of vowels I swear aloud and pray that this shot will be the one that stills their harrowing rampage.

One day I hope to see a world returned to some level of normalcy, but until then I will continue to fight the good fight and encourage others to band together with me to but the boot to any zombie-glads that come into my home in hopes of raiding our villages and killing our spriggs (you can have the shugo though).  I am the slayer....and THIS IS MY BOT STICK!!!!

Seriously that is just a game I play as I report every bot I see.  I am getting quite zealous about it, and if I accidentally opened fire on you with one of my nine reports....uhh...you should have ducked.  Cut the crap NCSoft and just fix Gameguard and put it back in already, and stop with all the radical measures when you could just as easily fix the initial problem instead of spending countless hours reinventing the wheel.  It is annoying of course, but I am not yet going to quit over it, but at this point it is starting to get out of hand and needs to be on the top priority (or maybe second to the crysystem crash bug).  And we all complained that the folks at NCSoft provided us with no Haloween event. How do we know their hoards of zombies raiding the Elyos cities wasn't just them writing bots into the lore?...sneaky NCSoft.