Thursday, November 12, 2009

Those Who Blog Together...ummm...What am I a Poet?

So there is quite an interesting conversation going on over at Aion Experience, and that has sparked an interesting idea in the comments section.  Interesting enough, in fact, that I thought it deserved its own post.  Alexan over there, and many other bloggers on the interwebz, seem to be having an issue with guilds moving out and friends leaving the game. 

A comment was made about how we the bloggers and community surrounding the game could form our own Ventrillo server to speak to each other while in game.  It really makes a lot of sense when you think about it.  If someone cares enough about a game to blog about it on a regular basis, or even comment on those blogs, it would stand to reason they would be pretty fun company while playing as well.  Also the more you care about a game (enough to blog or comment) the less likely you are to leave it on a whim. 

The issue with this of course is that you can never group, craft, PvP, or generally hang out together.  I would be willing to take it to the next step and form a legion on a predetermined server/faction and play together.  Doing this would be a logistical nightmare of course, but considering a lot of us in the blogosphere surrounding Aion spend a large amount of time commenting on each other's blogs about our shared feelings on the game I personally think it would be a great deal of fun to play with these people as well.  I personally have played both factions and several classes and have no real strong feelings one way or another as far as where we end up.  At this point I would just like to know people's feelings on the idea.

Would doing something like this homogenize the blogosphere? Would it form a stronger Aion community overall? Would restarting cause people to commit mass suicide?  Post your thoughts on both the issue of a guild linked by those involved in the Aion blogging community, or a Vent server for socialization.  If there is a strong enough response we can take the next step and move forward with it.


  1. While I won't commit to giving up on the characters I've already started on Meslamtaeda, I would definitely enjoy starting a new character on another server in order to play with all of the folks that I've met while blogging (I'd even play with Alexan who called me a fanboi over a misunderstanding heheh ).

  2. Lol, yeah I love my characters, but am not really attached to any character I ever make. I would definitely love to interact with some of you in real time, and think it would really enhance a game I already enjoy.

    Of course, no one is going to fault you if you continue your characters on another server, it is your subscription and you are free to do with it what you please.

  3. Hrm, interesting thought. I know there's really no way I'd create a new character elsewhere sadly, I normally don't like the leveling process as it is and really want to focus on my current character as much as possible with my limited time spent in game.

    I'm kind of curious about the current faction and server distribution...

    Anyway, I'm pretty attached to our legion, but I'm sure if anyone is interested in dropping by on Lumiel that you could join us if you wanted :)

    Is anyone else running their own legion? How are you all finding your current group that you play with?

  4. If I could start over on a server with fellow bloggers, I definitely would. Sadly, I'm on the EU servers and a large portion of bloggers are US.

    That said, if a Vent server were up for bloggers to chat during gaming, I'd go for this. Anything to bring the blogging community, and thus a portion of the Aion community, closer together can only be beneficial.

  5. Yeah, I pretty much knew that organizing a legion would be a logistical nightmare (especially this late in the game). However, I do think organizing a vent server to bring the community closer would be awesome.